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Common Contact System

Deutsch Common Contact System

Fundamental to the Deutsch connector series is the principle that all wires are terminated by a single contact system. The only variation in contacts is that dictated by wire gauge.The word "common" describes the Deutsch contact system well. Deutsch contacts, whether solid or stamped and formed, can be assembled into the entire Deutsch connector family.Let's look at the common system of contacts, tooling, processes, and terminations in detail:


Common Contacts

The basic system uses five contact sizes: 4, 8, 12, 16, & 20. These are the only contacts that need to be stocked no matter what connector is being terminated. Two styles of Deutsch contacts are available - solid crimp types, manufactured by a cold heading process of solid copper alloys. Stamped and formed contacts are manufactured with a series of progressive dies. Both contacts are interchangeable within the connector and are selected based upon the user's application. Stocking costs, engineering costs, and termination costs are all slashed, because the number of evaluations, test procedures, test reports, process standards, drawing notes, etc., are reduced, if not eliminated.


Common Tooling

Hand crimp tools are available from Batts Racing used to crimp the five different sizes of contacts to the wire end.


Common Processing

Using Deutsch contacts means that the way a wire attaches to its terminus never varies. This procedural standard allows technicians to become highly proficient in terminating Deutsch connectors.


Common Terminations

The selection of Deutsch connectors means that all contact terminations will be the same, thus reducing the chance of errors in the harness system. Performance, reliability, and maintainability are critical to any electrical system. The use of a common contact system eliminates many of the failures reported in harnesses where hundreds of different types of terminations are used. The end result of selecting Deutsch is increased reliability and long term performance.