1062-14-0122-PS Socket

1062-14-0122-PS Socket


1062-14-0122-PS Socket, Stamped and Formed, Nickel, 14-18 AWG, .095-.150 Insulation

Fits: All DT Series Plugs and JS-16-00 Jiffy Splice, DT Series Socket types and sizes may be mixed within connectors.

Manufacturer Name:Deutsch TE Connectivity
Manufacturer Part Number:1062-14-0122-PS
Series:DT Series
Wire Gauge:14-18 AWG
Mates with:All DT Series Pins
Fits:All DT Series Plugs and JS-16-00 Jiffy Splice, DT Series Socket types and sizes may be mixed within connectors.
Contact Size:16
Current Rating:13 Amps Continuous
Other:Partial Strip

Product Change Notification

Product Change Notification: E-19-019418

PCN Date: 26-DEC-19

First Date To Ship Changed Parts: 03-APR-2020

Last Date for Mixed Shipments of Changed Parts: 31-DEC-2025

TE Connectivity has issued a Product Change Notification for this part.

General Product Description:
DEUTSCH Brand Size 16 Stamped and Formed Nickel and Gold Contacts

Description of Changes:
Dear Customer, in an effort to continuously improve our products, TE-ICT will update the nickel crimp area for the Size 16 stamped and formed Pins and Sockets listed below. The existing nickel crimp area will be changed to tin over nickel. This will not impact connector performance. IMPORTANT: This is a continual change so the current and previous revisions of this part can be used interchangeably in the field. This change is being phased in gradually and previous revisions may remain stocked until used.

Reason for Changes:
Product Improvement. Standardization of the plating in the crimp area across TE/DEUTSCH Size 16 Stamped and Formed contacts.

Part Number(s) being Modified:
1060-16-0122, 1062-16-0122, 1060-16-0622, 1062-16-0622, 1060-16-1222, 1062-16-1222, 1060-14-0122, 1062-14-0122, 1060-16-0144, 1062-16-0144, 1060-16-0644, 1062-16-0644, 1060-16-0722, 1060-16-0722, 1060-16-1244, 1062-16-1244, 1060-14-0144, 1062-14-0144 and 1062-16-1422

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