DT04-3P-P007 Y Receptacle

DT04-3P-P007 Y Receptacle Assembly


Deutsch DT04-3P-P007 Y Receptacle features molded-in gold pins. Includes the two W3S-1939 keyed wedgelocks required for the mating plugs. Mates with all DT06-3S Plugs with appropriate wedgelocks. Rated at 13 amps continuous.

Manufacturer Name:Deutsch TE Connectivity
Manufacturer Part Number:DT04-3P-P007
Modification:P007, Molded Gold Pins, J1939
Required Wedgelock:None
Series:DT Series
Operating Temperature:-67°F (-55°C) to +257°F (+125°C)
IP Rating:IP67
Cavities:3 x 3
Keyed:True, one mating plug requires a Standard, W3S, Orange Wedgelock and the other two mating plugs require W3S-1939, Blue Wedgelocks.
Mates with:All DT06-3S Plugs with appropriate wedgelocks as follows. One DT06-3S Plug with W3S Wedgelock and Two DT06-3S Plugs with W3S-1939 Wedgelocks.
Contact Size:16
Current Rating:13 Amps Continuous
Holds Pin / Socket:Molded-In Gold Pins
Flange / Inline / PCB Mount:In-line

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